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JSC «Pluton»

JSC “Pluton” is a powerful scientific and production complex with rich 80-years history. The accumulated experience, various providing and large potential of modern enterprise allow developing and producing of electrovacuum devices with microwave range of waves in accordance with the strictest modern requirements. Our microwave devices are widely used in the field of production of radio-location devices for aviation, marine and river fleets, space objects, surface stationary, mobile and space communication means.

Among them you can find pulsed magnetron, traveling wave tubes of continuous action etc. More than 140 types of magnetrons and 70 types of tubes are created on the enterprise. We offer our possibilities on development and supplying with modern electrovacuum devices to any interested organizations. The technology of production of magnetrons with the non-incandescent cathode is the pride of our enterprise. These magnetrons do not have foreign analogues and possess high consumer characteristics providing instantaneous readiness of apparatus and large resource of work, which is no less than 10 000 hours.

One more example of successful work of the scientific and production potential of the enterprise is the mass production of w-band magnetrons. JSC “Pluton” is the exclusive producer of magnetrons in such frequency range. The rich history, modern production and professional employees provide to the JSC “Pluton” the reputation of the reliable partner both on interior and international markets.


VI International Scientific Conference for Young Scientists “Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies: Problems and Perspectives”

Specialists of JSC “Pluton” A.V. Shumanov, V.I. Kapustin took part and made presentations at the VI International Scientific Conference for Young Scientists “Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies: Problems and Perspectives”.

Scientific work “Emitting nanostructures on the surface of impregnated cathodes of microwave devices”  took first place.

Article specialists Pluton JSC in the journal “Electronics: NTB”

The article “Nanostructures in palladium-barium cathodes of microwave devices” by the leading specialist of Pluton JSC LI IP published in the scientific and technical journal “Electronics: NTB”


Article “Investigation of the phase composition of the oxide phase of metal-porous and scandalous cathodes of microwave devices” of the specialists of JSC “Pluton” V.I. Kapustin, I.P. Li, A.V. Shumanov was published in the materials of the international STC “INTERMATIC”.


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