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JSC “Pluton” is the possessor of the unique technology of planning and production of magnetrons with non-incandescent cathodes developed by our specialists. Magnetrons with unfilament cathode (cold cathode) provide the high operating parameters of reliability and fast-acting that allows creating of modern and economical radars. Time of faultless work of such wares exceeds 10000 hours in the condition of exploitation. They are intended for the usage as microwave-generators in the radio-location stations of an airplane, ship, space and surface apparatus. Magnetrons with non-incandescent cathode (cold cathode) don’t have analogues abroad and possess by a number of substantial advantages before incandescent magnetrons as far as they allow:
  • providing “instantaneous” (from the first impulse) readiness without the expense of energy on the warming-up of a cathode;
  • substantially to promote reliability of magnetrons;
  • to simplify the chart of passing device, excluding from a chart 40-50 radio components in connection with absence of necessity in a high-potential transformer, managing device and regulator of tension in the chain of incandescence, etc.;
  • to decrease mass and size of a radar;
  • to cut prime cost of a locator, simultaneously to promote its operating reliability.
The priority of invention belongs to Russian Federation (patent of JSC “Pluton”). Patent of Russian Federation № 2007777 with priority from 15.04.1992. The invention is patented in the following countries:
  • Ukraine, patent № 7649 with priority from 15.04.1992.
  • The Euro patent № 0593768 (Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy) with priority from 15.04.1992.
  • Japan, patent № 2740793 with priority from 15.04.1992, South Korea.
The invention is awarded two international Golden Medals: Brussels Eurekc 96;25E Salon International des Inventions, Geneve, 1997.


One of the directions in creation of the perspective magnetrons is working out of fast-tunable (frequency-sliding) magnetrons of a millimetric range of wave lenght. Efficiency of usage of the quick tunable magnetrons essentially raises at the management of the method use by its frequency offered in the patent of the Russian Federation № 2106654, patented also in the USA and the countries conducting of the Europatent and noted by a silver medal on the World’s fair of inventions “Geneva – 2000”. Frequency of each impulse generated by a magnetron is set under any predetermined law, including a casual choice from a number of frequencies. Thus frequency does not depend on destabilising factors (vibration, change of temperature, etc.) and is defined only by a control system of frequency. Using of the fast-tunable magnetrons together with an offered control system of frequency allows to improve essentially noise immunity of RLS, allows to reduce considerably the fluctuations of the signal reflected from “target” and on this basis to raise range of its detection and accuracy of support, to exclude hindrances from signals of the previous periods and to provide possibility of practically freewheeling frequency management of the diagramme of RLS orientation and of radiation by a magnetron of a coherent signal in a range of frequencies in ten times exceeding a range of the usual magnetron synchronised generator or the regenerative amplifier. These devises are intended for the systems demanding frequency changing “from an impulse to an impulse”, and are carried out in a wide range of frequencies by simple change of the low-power and low-voltage drive pressure in the tuning mechanism of the magnetron. They open new possibilities to founders of modern radar of different function.