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I wish you good health and a great success to all your efforts in New Year!
May this New Year bring you joy, happiness and prosperity!
May your family and friends always be with you and your homes be full of peace, calm and love!
I wish you that every new day will give you new perspectives!

On 8 October 2020, the visiting meeting of the Radioelectronic Industry Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation) on “Prospects for increasing the share of high-tech products, including civil use, escalating the export potential of enterprises in the industry” was organized and held at JSC Pluton.


JSC Pluton 91


JSC Pluton is a developer of a number of unique technologies that guarantee the highest quality of products.

Article “A new method for determining the parameters of the inhomogeneity of thermionic emission of cathode materials of microwave devices” by the leading specialists of Pluton JSC V.I. Kapustin, I.P. Li, A.V. Shumanov was published in the “MAGAZINE OF TECHNICAL PHYSICS”.

On February 20, 2020, a conference was held among the technical specialists of Pluton JSC with the goal of ensuring the active participation of the enterprise in the State Program of the Russian Federation “Development of the military-industrial complex” regarding diversification of production and the development of high-tech civilian and dual-use products.

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