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The article “Application of Acoustically Stimulated Thermodesorption in the Production of Electrovacuum Microwave Devices” by specialists of Pluton JSC, developer and manufacturer of pulsed magnetrons and traveling wave tubes (TWTs), Khanbekova IF, Li IP, Petrva V.S. . published in the materials of the 12th International Scientific and Technical Conference “Vacuum Technology, Materials and Technology”

The article “Electronic structure of oxygen vacancies in microalloyed barium oxide” of specialists of Pluton JSC VI Kapustin, IP Lee, NE Ledentsova, AV Shumanova was published in the materials of the international NPK “INTERMATIC” .

The aim of these studies was to develop a technique and study the effect of doping impurities within their maximum solubility in barium oxide on the structure of the electronic level of oxygen vacancies in barium oxide, that is, its possible displacement, broadening, and a change in the density distribution of electronic states.

The article “Research multipactor in resonators made of materials with different coefficients of secondary emission” Specialist of “Pluto” IP Lee published in the Proceedings of XXII Scientific and Technical Conference with the participation of foreign experts “Vacuum Science and Technology».

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